Flower & Fruit Facial Serum

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From The Willow's Bark, Peterborough - 1/2 oz

Flower & Fruit Serum balances skin tone, fights free-radical damage, and promotes the regeneration of healthy skin cells with a nutritive blend of non-comedogenic oils from powerful fruits and flowers, and the extracts of wild, skin healing herbs. 

INGREDIENTS: rosehip oil •safflower oil •evening primrose oil •raspberry seed oil •jojoba oil •camellia oil •helichrysum oil ∆wild carrot oil •sunflower oil •carrot seed oil •frankincense oil •lavender oil •chamomile oil •calendula ∆plantain ∆willow bark •chamomile •lavender vitamin e oil (*organic ∆wild)

If you would like more information on this product, please see The Willow's Bark web site. Thank you!